Weird politics
Weird plant-things
Weird battles in which nobody dies

The Viner Codex is a space to explore a possible world – one which could have been ours in the past, and yet still could be in our future, if we choose it to be so. For most of us, a much better world than we have at present – that at least is certain…

The core of The Viner Codex is a series of books, of which at least three have already been planned:

  • The Viner’s Journey – set in the 1880s
  • The Viner’s Decision – set in the 1850s
  • The Viner’s Secret – set in the 1910s

Others may well follow soon – particularly one set in the 1640s-1650s, when the crucial events that drive the story take place.

There’s also this website, with its own story, The Viner Codex, that’s set in our own world of the present day, and that provides us with a start-point for explorations into the world of the viners.

Come join us in creating a new world!