Beliefs 1

Philosophy, beliefs, worldviews, paradigms, religion

  1.  Religion

Culture 2

Art, architecture, fashion, music, theatre, sports, social events, public events

  1.  Architecture
  2.  Visual-arts

Economics 1

Economic models, economic relations, property, market, work

  1.  Economics of the Commonwealth

Farming 1

Food, agriculture, horticulture, farming, technology, skills, practice

  1.  Farming in the Commonwealth

Fashion 1

Clothing, style, hair, social mores, gender

  1.  Clothing

Health 1

Health, nutrition, healthcare, hospital, medicine

  1.  Health in the Commonwealth

Military 1

Military technology, strategy, tactics, preparation, conflict, war

  1.  The Commonwealth and the laws of war

Politics 1

Political concepts, governance, role of government, law

  1.  Political role of the monarchy

Science 1

Sequence of scientific discovery

  1.  History of science

Society 1

Social mores, cultural assumptions, diversity, gender, race, work, culture, leisure

  1.  Social role of the monarchy

Technology 1

History, machinery, energy, industry, mining, materials

  1.  History of technology

Transport 1

Land, marine, aerial, freight, technology

  1.  History of transport

Vinery 2

Types, history, development, process, operation, maintenance

  1.  Outline of vinery
  2.  Vinery and health