The Viner Codex is an ever-extending narrative of someone in our present-day (mostly) and our own timeline (mostly), who is drawn ever deeper into the viners’ world and timeline.

The narrator, Alan, acts as our guide as he reaches out to make sense of what he finds at an old farmhouse and elsewhere, piecing together the Viner stories from text-fragments and other artefacts that he finds, with web-searches and suchlike in the present-day Internet. (The story-series takes its name from one of the first items that he finds at the farmhouse, one volume from a 19th-century edition of the Viner Codex.)

At present, the story is published primarily as a kind of weblog on this website, as Alan’s Story, though in the future it may also be available as an updatable ebook.

Note that the story does not have a conventional story-arc, with beginning, middle and end – its structure is more like a journal, or an adventure-game.

Last Update: August 28, 2017  

August 24, 2017    Storytext, Texts  

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