Back in the 1650s, we missed our chance at a world fit for ordinary people. What would have life been like if we hadn't missed that chance? How different would our world have been? - its science, its society, its morals, its choices?

Science-fiction? Steampunk? Alternative-history? Social satire? The Viner Codex is all of those, and more: a series of stories about a different world - and how we could perhaps make it our own...

Three things...

Weird politics

"No rich, no poor, just each of us as equals, sharing our Commonwealth as best we can"

Weird plant-things

"The plant-world supports us in ways that animals and machines never could"

Weird battles where nobody dies

"There is never an excuse for murder... war itself is a crime"

The Books

Viner Codex – Fragments from the archive

This folder contains various items about vinery and the Commonwealth, as retrieved by Alan during his quest to make sense of the contents in the now-vanished farmhouse (see The Viner Dimension).

Note: This is a free add-on to the Viner Codex series, to provide more of the background to the stories and their context. Click on 'Read the book' to read the current content.

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Viner Codex – The Frenchman’s Diary

A successful French farmer travels to the Commonwealth to find out about farming practice - and sees the products of vinery for the first time. His diary records his experiences, until a sudden cut-off - after which a formal investigation then pieces together what happened next.

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The Viner Dimension

A simple-seeming bequest sends Alan on an exploration that turns steadily stranger at every turn: "Weird politics. Weird plant-things. Weird battles where nobody dies."

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The Viner Journey

An engineer faces many challenges as he tries to bring the Commonwealth's strange plant-technology of vinery into the corrupt world of 1880s America.

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About us


The Viner Codex is a collaborative effort, engaging an increasing number of people and expanding steadily across many different media.

The current lead and 'show-runner' for the project is Tom Graves - a much-published author with more than 40 years' experience as a professional researcher, writer and blogger. (He does look a bit older these days than in the photograph shown here...)