The Viner Dimension

A simple-seeming bequest sends Alan on an exploration that turns steadily stranger at every turn: “Weird politics. Weird plant-things. Weird battles where nobody dies.”


Alan is bequeathed the contents of an old farm-house. As he explores the house, he discovers hints that something odd has been happening there, with objects and incidents that just don’t make sense.

When a demolition-order is placed on the house, he faces a race against time to rescue as much as he can before everything is destroyed. But when the diggers come to demolish the house, things turn a whole lot stranger, challenging our everyday notions of what is real and what is not.

From what he’s found from the house, and other clues that arrive from elsewhere, Alan slowly pieces together a picture of the shadowy world of the Commonwealth and the Viner Codex. It’s a world of “weird politics, weird plant-things, weird battles in which nobody dies” – a world that exists in parallel to our own, yet also intersects with it in subtle yet seemingly-unpredictable ways.

For Alan, this becomes a quest to explore if, and how, to incorporate more of the Commonwealth into his own life – and into our real-world lives too.